This site is for testing the 311 Service open data API for Canadian locations. The goals are:

  1. to provide the cities feedback on their API
  2. to provide community groups a dashboard about ongoing issues in their area

Here are the Canadian cities with data available that we are aware of:

Location Lang Start Date New Requests
Edmonton, AB -- -- -- -- API not supported, only bulk export CSV.
Ottawa, ON EN, FR March 24, 2015 5 minutes 36 hours Lat/Long missing.
Qu├ębec, QC FR -- -- -- Waiting for working API.
Surrey, BC EN 2011 24 hours 7 days Update of new requests broken. Update of existing request broken. Missing ward info. HTML encoding issue.
Toronto, ON EN 2011 24 hours 24 hours Updates only provided daily. API not to spec for updates of existing requests.

Other locations in Canada will be added when data is available. If you know of any others not listed, please get in touch.

Note: ward names are manually loaded in the system.

Map Legend

The size of the marker is somewhat representative of the number of requests bundled together. Markers with no numbers indicate a single request.

Privacy Policy

No personal information is collected on this site. Also, "cookies" are not used.

Should this policy change, this policy section will be updated.

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